The Essential Guide to Low-Cost
Successful Content Marketing

Book Digital Retail Marketing by Dario Sipos is your guide to online content-based marketing specifically written for retailers: why it matters, how to approach it, and start-to-finish steps you can take to implement your content marketing at a very low cost.

After reading Digital Retail Marketing, you will know:

  • What steps to take to make your retail marketing work online
  • The content marketing process, story branding, useful tools, and how all parts come together to work as a productive marketing machine
  • The psychology behind acquiring users online and how social media algorithms work
  • How successful content marketing grows your retail brand while keeping costs low
  • How to build an actionable content marketing plan quickly

You will be entirely ready to start and run your retail content marketing process, continuously and consistently.

Digital Retail Marketing is a must-read for every revenue-driven retail executive, manager, and marketeer who is serious about growing their business.

Author Dario Sipos is a Digital Marketing Strategist,  Branding Expert, Keynote Public Speaker, and Business Columnist.

Dario has built his unique skill set during 12+ years of working experience in every aspect of Digital Marketing. He has spent significant time working all over the World in the digital field, helping clients and developing brands.