For nearly a decade, Dario has been a keynote speaker on digital marketing at companies, events, and Universities all over the World, inspiring businesses and individuals to understand and make the most of the explosion in the use of digital media and technology.

Described as creative, compelling, emotional, engaging, visionary, and actionable, Dario’s speeches will resonate right through the ranks of any organization.

Dario’s new book Digital Retail Marketing is your guide to online content-based marketing specifically written for retailers: why it matters, how to approach it, and start-to-finish steps you can take to implement your content marketing at a very low cost.

He also lectures on MBA, MSc, and online marketing courses, giving lessons on Universities all over the World. Dario is a doctoral student of the Faculty of Media in Slovenia on the Doctoral study program Strategic Communication.

His articles have been a critical success around the World. His latest speaking engagements on digital marketing strategy have been cited as a catalyst for many brands becoming more discoverable, shareable, and memorable.

Previous to his foray into digital evangelism, Dario was a Sales Person and Export Director that started from nothing to create exports and sales using Digital Marketing as a primary low-cost method of expansion internationally. It’s this background that has helped him establish a unique blend of insight and entertainment that carries audiences with him on a whirlwind journey from digital beginnings to where we are today and what the future holds.

Dario currently serves as Digital Strategist at Expert International – the most significant consumer electronics chain in EU and South Africa, working in 22 countries, with 4000+ stores, and a yearly turnover exceeding 16 billion euros.

Dario will speak anywhere in the World for a donation to an agreed charity or non-profit plus travel expenses, all in an effort to give back to the community.

Lectures on Universities, done by Dario Sipos, on the subject of Digital Marketing are done free of charge as an effort to empower young generations with the knowledge to build a better world.

To hire Dario as a keynote speaker on digital marketing for your conference, event, or University, please email: dario@dariosipos.com or use the contact form.